Distance Learning Online Program in Pinellas County, FL

World School Distance Learning Program

Program Overview

Country Day World School’s Distance Learning Program offers an unparalleled education for the developing adolescent student through an online learning platform. Students work to their personal best with courses and instruction tailored to challenge each individual to reach their highest academic potential. The distance learning program employs inquiry methods for in-depth exploration of science, literature, world language, critical and creative writing, history, geography, and current events. Students are able to study high-level Algebra and Geometry with use of concrete examples and real-world problems to understand abstract math concepts. Distance Learning curriculum focuses on building self-regulated students to become lifelong learners. Through self-directed inquiry and problem based learning, students develop responsibility and passion for their learning.

How it Works

Through the online learning platform, Schoology, students access course content, upload assignments, and connect with students and teachers. The delivery of course content and instruction is individualized to meet the academic needs of each course and may consist of textbooks, etexts, recorded lectures, online readings, videos, and more. Distance learners will have opportunities to collaborate and interact with students and teachers both synchronously and asynchronously through discussion boards, video chats, and occasional classroom visits. In additional to regular communication with teachers, students will have regular check-ins with an advisor.

Students enrolled in the distance learning program are offered many of the same Country Day experiences as on campus students. Extracurricular activities including PAL sports teams, Robotics, and Science Olympiad are open to distance learners. Additionally, students are invited to join international delegations on travel to places such as China, South America, and Europe as well as the International Model UN Conference in NYC.

Course Offerings

  • 6th Grade
    • English 6 Honors
    • Humanities 6 Honors
    • Pre-Algebra Honors
    • Environmental Science Honors
    • Spanish 1
    • Various Electives and Enrichments*
  • 7th Grade
    • English 7 Honors
    • Humanities 7 Honors
    • Algebra 1 Honors or Algebra 1a
    • Life Science Honors
    • Spanish 2a
    • Various Electives and Enrichments*
  • 8th Grade
    • English 8 Honors
    • Humanities 8 Honors
    • Geometry Honors or Algebra 1b
    • Physical Science Honors
    • Spanish 2b
    • Various Electives and Enrichments*

*Elective and enrichment offerings vary by semester and may be administered in conjunction with Florida Virtual School to provide a broader selection of learning opportunities.

Technology Requirements

Students are required to provide their own technology. In order to experience the full capacity of an online learning experience, the following technology specifications are recommended.

  • PC, Mac, or iPad: Standard laptops or desktops are supported
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later; Mac OS X
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Webcam, speakers and a microphone
  • Scanner or tablet/smartphone with a camera (necessary to upload handwritten assignments)
  • We recommend the latest versions of:

While Schoology and most coursework can be completed using a PC, it is recommended that students using a Windows based computer also have an iPad available for use to engage in interactive applications. Use of a Macbook or iPad will create the ideal learning experience in which curriculum is streamlined with on campus students.

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